metro wrestling

Beginner's Clinic

Metro teaches a Beginners' Orientation Class at the first practice of every month and encourages beginners to attend as many practices as possible throughout the month in order to get in plenty of mat time and develop basic wrestling skills. Please note that all skill levels are welcomed and accommodated at all practices, and we usually have 3 coaches at each practice to work with different skill levels.
What to bring?

Keep it simple. If you are new to the freestyle wrestling, you will probably want to stick with the list on the left. Later, you might want to have the items on the list to the right. You also might want to bring a towel and a bottle of water.

athletic underwear


socks (of course!)

light sneakers

wrestlers with gear advanced

wrestling singlet

athletic underwear

socks (of course!)

wrestling shoes



AAU Membership
We require regularly-attending wrestlers to obtain an Amateur Athletic Union membership. Metro is chartered by the AAU. Your membership supports the club's charter and provides insurance in the event of injury. The cost is $26 annually. Your membership card can be printed directly from their website.

Click here to sign up with The Amateur Athletic Union.

Directions for the application form:

Step 1 Login if you previously registered, otherwise click Create Your Account. If you were last on the site on or before December 15, 2010, then you will need to create a new account.

Step 2 Enter your information on the form; (Purchase Membership - Athlete Membership). Enter the information requested, i.e. name, address, etc.
Program is "Adult Program". Select the term and type of membership, e.g. Extended through next August 31st (or longer if desired).

Step 3 Enter sport WRESTLING

After paying AAU, you will see a receipt and printable membership card. (Click on "Click here for a printer friendly version", print out your card, and take it with you to the tournament.)

Note: Due to new AAU procedures, when you first submit your information, your membership might be noted as Pending. You can click the order number or your order history for an update. In 2022 I got the new membership card instantaneously, but in a prior year it took 14 minutes and the site states it might take a few days. When your membership goes through, the word "pending" after "Membership ID" will be replaced with the actual code -- this is the code you need to supply at our tournaments and at those of other teams and clubs using AAU (for example, at the Philadelphia Spartans tournaments that Metro also competes at).

You can also go to the AAU website to print out additional copies if for example you lose your card.

If you have difficulty obtaining your AAU membership, please email Metro at We will help you with the application.

Last update: January 7, 2022